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Welcome Members!

Request an Evite for a Member Hosted Event

Member hosted events are a great part of the goMOMS experience.  Anyone can host an event, whether it be a Mom’s Night Out, an activity for the kids, or just a simple play date, it can be anything you choose.

We have a Mom’s Night Out scheduled for the third week of the given month, but feel free to plan something additional for any other day of the month.

So get Creative!! Mom’s Night Out can be as simple as choosing your favorite restaurant, a restaurant you have always wanted try or something you have always wanted to do but never found the time. Some past Mom’s Nights Out: A favorite or new restaurant chosen by the host, Painting with a Twist, Bocce Ball, Bowling, The Chop Shop in Birmingham (Meal Preparation), Drag Queen Bingo, Wine Tasting, Pottery Painting, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Club just to name a few! Or plan a kid’s event at a local play place, museum, mall or even just simple play date at your house.  Whatever you choose!

Simply click on the Evite button below and fill out the form.The information will be forwarded to the goMOMS secretary and she will send out an Evite for your event to all the members.

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