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goMOMS has always been well known for our semiannual (spring and fall) clothing, toy, and equipment sale to benefit members and raise funds for the organization. After having to cancel multiple sales due to Covid-19 concerns we are happy to announce plans for our 2022 Fall Sale! There are multiple changes to the way that this sale will be run compared to previous years. Please read the following information carefully before registering.

Seller registration will be limited to goMOMS members only. This is subject to change based on the number of sellers registered by July 31st. Any member along with your family/friends are welcome to register as volunteers. Volunteers who commit to working the entirety of the event may shop during “Seller Buying Time.” All goMOMS members and prospective members are eligible and encouraged to attend, free of charge; as well as, shop during “Member Buying Time.” The “Public Sale Time” follows.


Saturday, October 8, 2022


Member Buying Time: begins at 7:45am (Members and first-time prospective members shop for free.)

Public sale: 9:00am to 12:00pm ($2.00 entry fee per person) – 8:30am early bird ($3.00 admission fee)

Lutheran Northwest High School

1000 Bagley Avenue
Rochester Hills, Michigan


Early browsing for public sale is not permitted. Strollers are allowed.


The following guideline will be sent out with set times closer to sale date.


Friday Night | 10/7, 5:30 pm

Attendance at Friday night setup is mandatory for all sellers

  • Sellers/helpers must sign in with the attendee at the sign-in table. Failure to sign in at designated time/area results in a penalty of: 

    • 1st offense: written warning

    • 2nd offense: penalized 50% of profits 

  • Group meeting with everyone (everyone must be in attendance)

  • Meet with your designated team (based on your work assignment) and finalize the set up of the sale. After the entire sale is set-up, your area captain or floor captain will dismiss you to begin bringing in items for sale and set out.  No tagging during setup hours or at the sale!  The only exception is big ticket items which can be tagged during setup.

  • Dismissal

  • Board shopping time, if present– items will be rung up after completion of shopping


Saturday Morning | 10/8, 7:00am

  • Board reviews room set up while sellers/members check in

  • Sellers must check in at the sign-in table by 7:10am.

    •  1st offense: written warning

    •  2nd offense: penalized 50% of profits.  

  • Sellers, Board Members and Sale Volunteers (members and non-members), and auction winner (when applicable) shop

  • All other members may shop

  • Seller and Sale Volunteer buying time ends – all purchases must be made at this time and taken to your car or designated area (no items can be stored behind the cashier station, in the tag room, etc.) – Cashiers may go to the head of the line

  • Early Bird Shopping Begins ($3.00 admission)

    • Admission prices subject to change

  • Public Sale begins ($2.00 admission)

    • Admission prices subject to change

  • Lunch will be provided for sellers and volunteers.

  • Selling Floor - start to organize things by seller.

  • End of sale. Begin tear down. All members must stay until the entire sale is torn down.

  • Brief meeting, totals if available, dismissal

  • We must be completely out of the school before we leave, per contract


Time Requirements:

Commitment of working the setup evening (10/07/22 from 5:30pm-9:00pm) and the entire day of the sale (10/08/22 from 7:00am-2:00pm). Failure to work both the setup evening and the entire day of sale in your designated stations will result in forfeit of 50% of seller’s profits.



As with previous years a $5 fee will be deducted from sellers total profits to cover sale costs. New to this year’s sale all registrations will require a refundable holding fee. Members registered before July 31st will pay a $20.00 fee. The $20.00 fee will be refunded to all sellers who participate. Sellers retain 90% of their profits and GOMOMs will retain 10% for expenses.


Late Fees: 

Those registering after July 31st will pay a $25 holding fee, with a flat rate of $20 being refunded to all sellers who participate ($5 of this $25 charge will be retained by goMoms as a late registration fee).

All goMOMS sellers have to be up to date with membership dues before the date of October 7th, 2022. If membership dues are not paid by October 7th in order to sell at the sale there will be a $15 late fee, in addition to your membership dues. Please reach out if you have any issues regarding membership to our goMOMs membership coordinator.


All items must follow tagging guidelines! The labeling process is designed to make the behind the scenes process, including sorting tags and tabulating, go smoothly to help ensure that your checks can be available promptly. Tagging errors may result in the delay of payment. Please check Tagging Guidelines for general tagging information. DO NOT BEGIN TAGGING WITHOUT VERIFICATION OF INITIALS! Your initials will be verified in the confirmation email from your registration.


What items can be sold:  You may sell any season children’s clothing and women’s maternity clothing (no adult clothing), toys (must have all working pieces and be clean and in good condition), large equipment (strollers, gates, cribs, high chairs, car seats etc.), clean shoes/boots, slippers, etc. Clothing must be clean, stain-free, hole-free, with snaps/buttons in working order.  

What items can NOT be sold: You may not sell crib mattresses.  Mattresses may be given away for free.  Please do not sell items that are stained or have holes or broken snaps.  Toys that are broken are not acceptable.  You cannot sell any item that has been recalled or does not meet CPSC safety standards.  All sellers are required to review the CPSC handbook and to check the CPSC website at www.cpsc.gov  for safety standards and recall information for cribs and other sale items.  

Volunteers:  Members may have friends or family members (over the age of 10) help them on the day of the sale and on setup evening. Volunteers who commit to working the entirety of the event may shop during “Seller Buying Time.”

Payment:  You can be paid by either paypal or check (you will make your choice during seller registration).  Checks will be available at the general meeting the month following the sale, barring any tabulation issues.  An email will be sent to sellers by the treasurer if there is a delay.  If you do not pick it up at the meeting, it will be mailed promptly after the general meeting.  The Seller’s $5.00 selling fee will be deducted from your final sales check.  In addition, late fees and any other applicable penalties will be deducted from your final sales check. Please do not contact the treasurer until you have received your check.

How to register:  Complete the seller registration form


Who May Attend During “Member Buying Time”?  

  1. goMOMS Members:  Membership must be paid 2 weeks prior to the sale to shop to ensure you are listed on the roster.  Members will incur a late fee if paying the day of the sale.  

  2. Prospective Members: Any unpaid member that has attended between one and three meetings prior to the sale may attend one sale as a "prospective" and must join the club in order to attend future sales during "Member Buying Time."  Prospective members must have their name put on the roster by the New Moms Coordinator prior to the sale.


Who May NOT Attend During Member Buying Time?  Spouses, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, companions, etc. are not permitted to attend the sale during member buying time; however they are more than welcome to attend during public buying time. Exceptions will only be made to this rule if the individual has signed up to work for the entirety of the sale or the member needs help (i.e. pregnant, on bed rest, etc.) and contacts one of the Sale Coordinators PRIOR TO the sale to make alternate arrangements.  Children are NOT permitted in the sale during Member Buying Time.  

Can Members Shop During Public Sale Hours?  Yes, members may shop during this time; however, they will have to wait in line with everyone else.  No special privileges will be given.  The exception to this rule is that Sellers and Volunteers may not shop during the public sale as all Sellers and Volunteers have other duties at that time.

What Methods of Payment Are Accepted? At this time only cash will be accepted. There is a possibility we may accept cards also. Checks will no longer be accepted.


Is Browsing Allowed Before the Sale?  Yes, browsing is permitted before the sale, but only after every seller is set-up (in the morning only, by members and helpers)

What May I Use to Collect My Purchases During the Sale?  You may use the large blue bags, provided by goMOMS, to place your goods in or you may bring your own bag.

What Else Do I Need to Know About Shopping at the goMOMS Sale? 

In order to have a fair sale, the following rules will be enforced by goMOMS:

  1. No deals can be made between parties before selling commences.  

  2. No hoarding is allowed.  Examples of hoarding include: moving clothes to another table, hiding clothes, or removing clothes from an area to sort through.  Anyone caught hoarding and/or hiding clothes during set up time will be sent to the back of the line.  In addition, a warning letter will be sent to the offending party after the sale. The next time you sell, if you are caught hoarding, you will have to put everything back and wait until public buying time to purchase anything. 

  3. Prior to the public sale sellers and volunteers must be checked out with all of their purchased items placed in their vehicles or designated area.  Cashiers should go to the front of the check-out line so they can help the sale run smoothly.  Sellers and Volunteers may not shop during Public Buying Time.

  4. No buying is permitted after the last cash box has been taken to the treasurer. 

  5. No paid or unpaid items are allowed in the tag room or cash room.  If unpurchased items are found in either room they will be put back for purchase by someone else.  

  6. Only those assigned to the tag room, the head cashier and runners may be in the tag room.  Only those assigned to the cash room, the Treasurer and the head cashier may be in the cash room beyond the drawer check-out station.  This is meant to ensure the accounting processes of the sale.



Feel free to reach out with any questions. There are still many more updates to come as the planning continues. In order to continue bringing a sale that is loved by both our sellers and buyers I need your help! This is a big event to plan and I am going at it alone. Please consider joining the Sale team! There are many tasks both small and large that could use your help. I look forward to continued planning. Keep an eye on your email and facebook and our webpage for updates.

Have questions or want to help with the sale? Contact Ashley Friedman, our sale coordinator!

P.S. The Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook Group Still Active

goMOMS Members are still able to buy and sell via the member exclusive Sale Facebook Group.