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Greater Oakland Mothers of Multiples (goMOMS) is a nonprofit organization that brings together mothers of twins, triplets and more from Oakland County and beyond to support each other in the unique situations encountered with the pregnancy and raising of multiples.


Currently our club has more than 100 members who enjoy our monthly meetings.  During these meetings we discuss parenting and multiple-related issues and have a variety of activities including speakers, crafts or how-to information sessions.  In addition we have a working website, hold biannual used clothing and equipment sales (which are open to the public); hold family events such as holiday parties and a summer picnic, and maintain a library of books and magazines specifically geared toward raising multiples.  Each year we have philanthropy projects.  In years past we have adopted families in need, presenting them with clothing, food, and gifts donated by our members.  We have also given cash gifts to families facing large medical bills.

In addition, because many of our members spend time in the NICU with their multiples, we make donations to the NICUs at two local hospitals, each year. It's another small way we give back to the doctors and nurses who care for our multiples at their most vulnerable.

Since we are a nonprofit organization and operate on a small budget, we rely on fundraisers and community donations to help offset the costs of providing our members with these benefits.  If you would like to donate to Greater Oakland Mothers of Multiples and our cause please contact our fundraising coordinators.

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Due to the pandemic and not being able to hold our regular fundraisers this year, we'll be trying some different things to keep raising funds for our group. The funds we raise will go towards speakers for our meetings, the Fall and Spring parties, membership dues to National, our holiday adopt-a-family and several other things. So far this year we've held Usborne book and Tupperware fundraisers and our group has earned over $300 Our fundraising coordinators will be keeping this page updated and active so make sure to check back often and add any friends or family as well!

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