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Meet the goMOMS Board

goMOMS Members can learn more about our board members in our private Facebook Group.

Join Today & Gain a Support System of Moms of Multiples Just Like You

Board Elections

Our group couldn't exist without our board.

Have you been looking for a way to get more involved in goMOMS? This could be it! Being a part of the board is a wonderful way to build relationships with other moms of multiples, support this wonderful organization (it literally couldn't exist without our board!), and drive what events goMOMS hosts all year long.

We don't currently have a full board, and we would be happy to have new board members join mid year.

Questions or ready to join? Contact our President, Amanda!

Board Position


The president is the only position that must be held by a veteran board member. She organizes the first meeting and the end of year party in June, and also oversees board meetings.

Vice President (2 people)

The co-vice president positions are fun and hands on! You get to plan meeting topics ( But really only have to come up with five new topics out of our 10 meetings. Due to some months staying the same each year such as the welcome back mtg, social night, etc) We've done such a variety of topics over the last 5 years that it would be easy to look back and contact some of our previous speakers making this a super easy task. You also get to organize the holiday party and the adopt-a-family outreach program. If you like having a good time and helping other mamas out this position is for you!


The goMOMS secretary helps our meetings and special events run smoothly by creating event sign-ups through Evite and sending them to members and posting them on Facebook! She also takes minutes at the executive board meetings.


The goMOMS treasurer is responsible for all of the organization's finances. She keeps an accurate account of all of our funds, makes payments and reimbursements, and helps the co-sale coordinators with ensuring there is enough cash on hand at the sale and running the tag room.

Sales Coordinator (2+ people)

The co-sale coordinators plan and execute the fall and spring mom-to-mom sales for goMOMS. Only members are allowed to sell at these sales and it is set up department style. Some of the things the co-sale coordinators do are: secure the location, set dates for the for the fall and spring sales, advertise the sale, update registration form and sales flyers, obtain permits for signs, assign the jobs for sellers and volunteers, and manage the overall flow of the day. These are BIG jobs, but working in a team with the help of all the sellers makes it a little easier and a LOT rewarding!

Website Administrator

The website administrator is responsible for keeping the goMOMs website up-to-date including content, passwords, and forms. She also has administrative rights the group's Facebook page, Instagram account and all of the board email accounts.

Board Member Perks

1. Get to shop the sale before anyone else!

2. Drive what types of events and meetings goMOMS hosts

3. Build stronger relationships with your fellow mothers of multiples!

... and so much more!


The committee chairs help all of our meetings and events run smoothly! They oversee meeting set up and clean up (with the help of volunteers!). They also keep track of supplies at the meeting locations. Lastly, they plan the annual fall and spring parties which are always a ton of fun!

Fundraising (2 people)

The co-fundraising coordinators organize the groups fundraising events as a way to generate money for goMOMs programs and scholarships. The biggest event these board members organize (and the group's largest fundraiser!) is the annual auction held each fall.  Additionally, these board members organize smaller fundraising opportunities at places like BW3, the bounce house, etc.

Membership Coordinator

The membership coordinator is responsible for collecting and processing new and returning member registrations. She works closely with the treasurer to make sure all dues are cashed. She also makes sure everyone who is renewing does so by the deadline set each year to make sure members don't miss out on all the great things goMOMs has to offer! Lastly, she's responsible for maintaining the membership rosters and archived rosters.

Moms Chat (1-2 people)

The mom's chat coordinators run mom's chat before each of our regular meetings (some meetings such as the annual auction don't have mom's chat). They also help member's by posting questions from mom's chat on the Facebook group as well as other helpful and fun topics. The mom's chat coordinators also plan our annual spa night which is a wonderful evening of pampering!

Questions or ready to join? Contact our President, Amanda!

Join a goMOMS Committee

goMOMS needs your help! Upcoming activities and events need to planned. We are looking for volunteers to help make these events a success. There is no better way to meet new people and become an integral part of the club. Joining these committees are a great way to become more involved and have fun with other goMOMS.

Sale Committees

The Sale Committee is made up of sub-committees who work closely with the Sale Board Team to plan the Fall and Spring sales.

  • Advertising Team - The advertising team will run the Facebook sale page, share sale flyers with local businesses and coordinate placement & removal of road signs for sale.

  • Vendor Coordinator - The vendor coordinator will  advertise the option to be a vendor at our sale. Reach out to previous and potential vendors. Manage vendor registration, payment and day of set up. After a sale the vendor coordinator will ask about sales and send thank you notes.

  • Volunteer Coordinator - The volunteer coordinator is responsible for managing the relationships with sale volunteers, including: recruiting sale volunteers, manage volunteer registration, track signed-up hours and hours attended, run raffles/incentives/prizes offered to volunteers, share recorded info with sale board members after each sale, and thank volunteers.

  • Day-of Coordinator-  The day-of coordinator is responsible for booking the table and chair rental, ordering and setting up food for sellers and volunteers, and contacting an organization for donation pick-up after the sale.

Spring and Fall Party Committee:

The Spring and Fall party committee assist the Committee Board Member to plan and organize the seasonal parties for members and their families. They attend planning meetings prior to the event, make or purchase items for the event (and submit reimbursement forms for expenses as needed). They assist with set up, running, and clean up for the parties.

Meeting Greeters

Greeters Come to the general meetings early, warmly greet attendees, and assist with sign-in.

Fundraising & Auction Committee:

This committee works with the Fundraising Board Chairs to obtain donations for the auctions, including sending letters to past donors, and contacting potential new donors, and compiling donor information. They also help determine and assist with fundraising events for the year.

Hospitality Committee:

The Hospitality committee's members alternate the duties of bringing the items for dining. At the end of each meeting, they pack up the goMOMS supplies for the next meeting. They purchase supplies as needed & submit reimbursement forms for expenses.

Library Coordinator:

The Library Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the goMOMS books, including bringing books to general meetings, storing books between meetings, reviewing contents of the library and requesting donations when needed.

Meal Coordinator:

The Meal Coordinator receives and processes meal requests for new moms, and members experiencing other life events that may result in difficulty getting dinner made (surgery, injury, etc.) They have on their email safe list, and post meal requests to the goMOMS Facebook page. They also contact expecting members to explain about the program.

Contact the Committee Chair today to get involved!
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