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Welcome Members!

goMOMS Committees

goMOMS needs your help! Upcoming activities and events need to planned. We are looking for volunteers to help make these events a success. There is no better way to meet new people and become an integral part of the club. Joining these committees are a great way to become more involved and have fun with other goMOMS.
Get involved today by contacting Jess D’Alessandro.

Hospitality Committee:
  • 2 members share/alternate the duties of bringing the items for dining.

  • Pack up the goMOMS supplies after the meeting for the next meeting.

  • Have a budget for supplies.

  • Submit reimbursement forms for expenses.

Meeting Greeters:
  • Come to the general meetings early and warmly greet attendees.

  • Assist with sign-in.


Spring and Fall Party Committee:
  • Help plan and organize the party.

  • Attend planning meeting(s) prior to the event.

  • Make or purchase items for the event.

  • Assist with running and clean up for the event.

  • Submit reimbursement forms for expenses.


Fundraising Committee:
  • Work with the Fundraising Chairwoman to determine and assist with fundraising events for the year.

Auction Committee:
  • Work with the fundraising Chairwoman to obtain donations for the auction.

  • Send letters to past donors.

  • Enter on-line form or fill out required forms to request donations from corporations.

  • Compile donor information.


Meal Coordinator:
  • Contacts expecting members either via email or phone to explain program and offer assistance with setup.  Expecting members are identified on Roster provided by Membership Coordinator.

  • Receives and processes requests via website.

  • Sends email notification to members on roster through website.

  • Posts event and meal signup link on goMOMS members only Facebook page.

  • Updates meal request form as needed.

  • Verbally remind members at monthly meetings that meal assistance program is available.

  • Add meal assistance program to monthly newsletter.

  • Meal schedule set up for 1 week

  • Meals can be provided for any member that may have difficulty getting dinner made due to birth, surgery, injury, etc.


Meal Provider:
  • Add to their SAFE LIST on their email account so notifications will be received

  • Reviews email notifications to determine if available to help.

  • Signs up for available date on website and notes meal she will be delivering.

  • Prepares or buys meal for member, observing any dietary restrictions noted on website.  Meals do not have to be homemade.  Carryout and Pizza Delivery are very popular and welcome options.

  • The night before delivery, confirm with member/designated individual the drop off time and meal to be provided.

  • Drop off meal

Library Coordinator:
  • Maintain library. Bring books to general meetings.

  • Store books between meetings.

  • Review contents of library and request donations when needed.

Sale Coordinator:
  • Secure location and set dates for the for the fall and spring sales.

  • Advertise the sale.

  • Update registration form and sales flyers.

  • Obtain permits for signs.

  • Assign jobs.

  • Notify other MOM clubs of the sale.

  • Keep Sales Coordinator information

Contact the Committee Chair today to get involved!

Image by Hannah Busing
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