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Gifts for 3-year-olds (All Recommended by Moms of Multiples!)

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

With the holidays just around the corner, are you scratching your head on what gifts to get your toddlers? If you just take a guess, that toy may end up sitting on the floor, never played with, and we can't have that. Well, I have great news ... the goMOMS have done the hard work for you! These recommendations are all Moms of Multiples approved! Their kids love 'em and so will yours.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase.

For the Active Kids

Balance Bikes | These were a favorite of many moms of multiples. They're a great first step to teaching your little ones how to ride a big kid bike. Don't forget the helmet!

Mini Trampoline | Another gift that was recommended by multiple moms. This one is great for burning energy, which we all know seems endless in a 3-year-old. The moms with multiples, check out this one, that allows two kids to jump at the same time!

Inflatable Hopper | Seriously, this one is so much fun. The little ones will have so much bouncing all over the place on this cute inflatable. It even comes with a pump!

Stomp Rockets | These are SO fun, and such an awesome gift for the kids who love space.

Micro Mini Scooter | Your little ones will love being on the move with these Micro Scooters. The handle is adjustable, so it'll grow with your child for years!

Saucer Swing | If your kids love to swing, up the ante with a saucer swing. One mom said all four of her kids, ages 3 to 7, LOVE it.

Flying Discs | These are easier to throw than a standard Frisbee, so yes, even your three year olds can get in on the fun.

Ride On Wiggle Car | Simply twist, wiggle, and go! All you need is a smooth, flat surface. Prefect for both outdoor AND indoor playing. Great way to keep kids active and moving!

Monkey Bars Climbing Tower | Now this one will burn some serious energy! This will quickly become a favorite backyard activity.


For the Creative Kids

Water Wow! | With how cool this is, you'd think more people would be talking about it. Just fill the water pen with water and they can draw/paint to their heart's delight. When dry, the pages are ready to re-color!

Snap Pop Beads | If your little one just can't wait to wear jewelry like mom, Pop Beads will make an awesome gift. Bring out the creativity skills of your kids with by encouraging them to design and make their own jewelry.

Magnetic Building Tiles | These were recommended by multiple moms! It's a gift that can grow with them, and they'll use for years. And, if you've got multiple little ones running around, you'll need a lot of them, so no worries if this is a repeat gift!

Duplo Blocks | Our moms of multiples said their kids have gotten years of play out of their Duplo blocks! They also recommended a table for convenient play & storage.

Art Easel | If your little one loves to color, this is the perfect gift! An all in one art station, with a white board, chalk board and spot for paper, they'll love creating for hours on end.

Magformers | Magformers are a great STEM toy that are awesome for encouraging creativity and experimentation. (One mom specifically recommended getting a set with wheels.)

Play Foam | This is an awesome sensory toy for your little one to explore. And, BONUS, each of these pods has an adorable collectible toy hiding inside.

The Nugget | This one doubles as play room comfort and play. It's an infinitely configurable play couch that's PERFECT for building forts.

Kinetic Sand | If your little ones love playing in the sandbox, this is an awesome way to bring the fun indoors for the winter.

Flower Garden Blocks | For the budding (see what I did there?) florist, these blocks were a HUGE hit. The creative possibilities are literally endless!

Basic Blocks | Blocks are an awesome way to encourage creativity, build hand-eye coordination, learn shapes & much more.

Tubelox | These awesome "blocks" let kids truly test the limits of their creativity by designing and building their own play. Another awesome STEM toy (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) perfect for active and imaginative play

Mini Piano | Help your kids stretch their musical muscles with this adorable child-sized grand piano.

Mr. Potato Head | This classic never gets old. Bring on the laughs as kids put pieces in the Mr. Potato Head body every which way. When it comes to Mr. Potato Head toys, there is no wrong way to play when mixing and mashing


Learning Toys

Magnetic Letter Box | Encourage your little one's love of learning with this fun Magnetic Letter & Number Box. It comes with some flashcards, but the learning and teaching opportunities are really endless. Bonus, because they're magnetic (and close up) they're great for travel.

Tablet | You may be thinking, "A tablet? For a 4-year old?" While this is definitely more of a want than a need, they will get hours of entertainment out of it, I can promise you that. And they're awesome for road trips & plane travel. Our moms recommended the LeapFrog LeapPad or the Amazon Fire Kids Tablet. And don't forget the headphones!

A Zoo Membership | At this age, your little ones will LOVE exploring all the zoo has to offer.

Puzzle in a Box | Puzzles are they gift that keeps on giving. And these by Melissa & Doug are a favorite of our Moms of Multiples because they come with their own storage box!

Books | Books are a favorite of kids & moms alike. Some of our favorites for this age are Everyone Loves Cupcake (written by a Michigan author!), Grumpy Monkey, and The Gruffalo.

Montessori Puzzle & Shape Sorter Combination | This is one of the BEST educational toys out there for three year olds. With so many play options, they'll never get bored!

Self Correcting Letter Puzzles | Yep, SELF CORRECTING! These are so amazing for helping teach your little ones their letters.

Explore 'N Grow Busy Gears | Gear up for play time with moveable gears, music & lights. Little ones can practice their fine motor skills as they grasp and clutch the gears. Moving and stacking them helps them explore spatial relationships and cause and effect.

Corkscrew Stacking Toy | This is one step up from your standard rainbow stacking toy. With a corkscrew pole & six stacking discs that stack any way you want, this toy encourages hand-eye coordination, cause-and-effect learning and motor dexterity.

Projector Flashlight | Do your kids fight sleep? This projector flashlight could be just the ticket to help keep them in bed. One mom said her twins sleep with them every night!


Encourage Pretend Play

Play Kitchen | If your little ones love "helping" you in the kitchen, this play kitchen will quickly become a favorite! Don't forget to grab some play food too. They'll be serving you up something tasty quicker than you can say, "Bon appetite!"

Gardening Set | What little kid doesn't love playing in the dirt? Give them the tools to get the job done! Also great for playing in the sandbox.

Interactive Bank | Start teaching smart saving skills early! Make it fun with an adorable panda or kitty bank.

Mailbox | Who doesn't love to get mail? A toy mailbox can encourage a love of writing early!

Doctor Kit | Tap in to your preschooler’s natural curiosity to explore all things including the human body. This fully stocked doctor kit will have your children learning new things with each new tool they play with.

Play Cash Register | This is an awesome interactive and educational toy for teaching real life skills. They'll get WAY more play time out of it than you even though possible.

Magnetic Face Book | Your kids will delight in making all kinds of silly faces with this fun magnetic face book. Bonus, because they're magnetic (and close up) they're great for travel.

Tool Set | Your little one will be a certified Mr. or Miss Fix It in no time with this beginner tool set.

Kids Snow Shovels | If they see you doing it, undoubtedly, they'll want to do it too. These mini snow shovels are a great way to encourage helping from a young age.

Road Mat and Toy Cars | This is such a fun one for kids at this age. And lucky for you, when they're driving their toy cars, they won't be driving you crazy. 😉

Dress Up Clothes | Costumes and dress up are another great idea, as they let kids make up and act out stories. Your little ones can become anyone from Princesses, to Superheroes to community helpers ... the possibilities are endless!

Bitty Baby | If you loved American Girl as a youngster, you may be antsy to introduce your kids to their magic. Bitty Baby is a perfect first step & our Moms of Multiples say 3 is the perfect age for their first one.

Toy Animal Figures | These little animals are an awesome learning toy, and great for pretend play. They're even fun for bath time! There are so many options too, no matter what your little one is in to. We love the safari animals, sea creatures, and puppies.

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