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Hit the Road Jack ... Road Tripping with Multiples

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase.

Does the thought of taking a road trip with your multiples scare you?  Does the idea of being in a car with them for more more than an hour send you into the fetal position?  Well we are here to help!  We have compiled some tips and tricks brought to us from our members that have actually done it AND lived to tell the story.  It CAN be done, you to can survive, Vacationing With Multiples!

With the right gear, games and car sick backup plan, you can hit the road with kids, with confidence!

Get the Right Gear

Not sure how you're ever going to fit everything in the car? Three words ... Car. Top. Carrier. This one have more than 300 5-star reviews, and is an Amazon top pick for being quiet and spacious.

One member raves these kids travel beds were the "best travel accessory we have ever bought." Book a king bed for you & your partner, and put the kids on the floor on these.

Put a hard sided cooler between the middle row bucket seats. It functions as a table, and allows easy access to cold snacks and drinks.

Invest in some back seat car organizers that hold tablets & pockets that open wide for easy access.

Encourage sleeping in the car with neck pillows so cute they'll actually want to keep track of them.

These folding lap desks will fit perfectly over car seat boosters, provides storage, and a flat place for the kiddos to play and eat. When they're not using them, they fold down for easy storage.

Do you love to camp but don’t necessarily want a little one, or two, or three, wandering away during feeding time? Well they make travel highchairs that resemble the folding camping chairs but with a tray and a space for a drink.

Sometimes, some screen time can be a welcome break for you & the kids. Getting a headrest tablet mount can be a huge help. If you have one tablet to share between multiple kids, check out this mount that gives you maximum control over the screen's position.

Toys & Games

Keep some games and activity books handy for the fourth or fifth time they ask, "Are we there yet?" One mom loved this License Plate Game sticker book.

These Wikki Stix are super fun and perfect for the car, because they are no mess. Yep, I said it ... NO MESS!

Window Clings are another no mess way to keep kids entertained for hours. Get a couple sets, and they can trade 'em throughout the journey to create endless different scenes on their windows. They come in nearly every variety from cars, to sea creatures to dinosaurs & everything in between.

When you start to lose them, spice things up by pulling out a mystery pack. Opening, trading, and playing will buy you at least 30 minutes until you find a rest stop to stretch our legs. You can find them almost anywhere in the toy aisles by the characters they like. Check out a few of our favorites: Frozen, Lego, Star Wars, Avengers

DIYs to Keep the Kids Busy & Mom Happy

They won't be hollering at you for snacks every 10 seconds, with the easy DIY for snack necklaces. Have the kids help you make them before you leave for your trip!

I KNOW you have a million legos laying around, so grab a few, and make this DIY Portable Lego kit.

Be Prepared for Car Sickness

No matter how often you travel by car with your kids, chances are they'll get car sick occasionally. Make sure you bring along plenty of dry, salty snacks, and have them look up at their movie screens, or out the front window to keep it at bay.

Make sure to bring along some Dramamine for Kids, in case it gets really bad.

And if all else fails, keep a few car sick bags in your car, just in case. They hold a lot without the risk of spilling, and they have an easy open “mouth” to catch it all. They roll up and contain the smell (trust me!)

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