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Get Ready for Takeoff ... Air Travel with Multiples

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

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If you're nervous about taking your multiples on their first airplane trip, you aren't alone. The idea of wrangling multiple little monsters in the TINY space that is a row of airplane seats can seem daunting. But with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, and the right gear, of course, you can be prepared for takeoff, landing and everything in between.

Get the Right Gear

Make sure you choose the right cup! DO NOT bring sippy cups with straws.  The change in air pressure will make that sippy cup look like a champagne bottle on New Years when you open it. Instead, opt for cups with spouts.

Bring a few key snacks to help kids pop their ears. Eating or drinking during takeoff and landing helps the little ones, who can’t chew gum, pop their ears. Suckers are a great option for this. The Dum Dums type don’t last very long so look for something larger. Ring Pops are great ... they're fun for kids, and they don't have a tootsie roll or gum center. (Hot tip: Always keep an eye on your long haired children with suckers, because you know suckers are inexplicably attracted to sibling hair.)

You'll thank yourself for this one as soon as your kids open their first sucker... Make sure you bring lots of wipes and an important part of this is making sure that they are easily accessible, meaning, do not put them in a suitcase that will be stored in the overhead bin.  These are good for so many things…when junior decides to suddenly have a motion sickness issue, the well timed blowout, the ‘my mommy finally got something to drink and I think it will look better all over her lap’ move, you get the idea.

Buy kiddie earphones WITH a volume control because the volume will have to be louder to account for all of the plane noise.  Also, a headphone splitter is a great option if you have two that want to watch something at the same time. And this one's for you, triplet moms ... there are even some headphones that you can connect as many as you want together!

Pick the right diapers to avoid leaks. Putting your pre-potty users in nighttime diapers will help to eliminate any overflows from all the eating and drinking they will be doing.


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