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Your Toddler is Escaping Their Sleep Sack. What Now?

Your little bundles of joy are learning new tricks all the time. Most of the time they're fun things like learning new words, how to hop, or inventing a new way to play with a favorite toy. But inevitably, they figure out some tricks you really wish they'd forget, like climbing up on bar stools, opening doors, or getting out of their sleep sack.

Maybe you aren't ready to transition to a blanket, or just have a good routine that you don't want to mess with. Whatever the reason, you aren't ready to give up the sleep sack, even through your little one is hell-bent on getting out of it at each and every nap time. So, what now?

Our Moms of Multiples have a couple ideas and recommendations that might help!

Embrace It

One mom said she just rolled with it. Baby wants out ... let them get out. If they get cold in the middle of the night or nap time, they can use their sleep sack as a blanket.

Try a Different Type

Maybe the particular sleep sack you've been using is no longer comfortable for your little one. One mom recommended a sleep sack where their hands and feet are free to give them a bit more freedom while keeping them warm. A wearable blanket like this might do the trick.

Come At It From a Different Direction

Literally ... put their sleep sack on backwards. When another mom recommended this to me I had a "OMG How didn't I think of that?!" moment. Seriously ... so brilliant. It keeps them in the sack that they're familiar and comfortable with, but takes the zipper out of their reach.

Have another tip? Drop it in the comments!

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