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Stuffed Animal Storage ... What to Do About The Ever Expanding Stuffed Zoo

Question: Okay ladies, what do you do with the overwhelming amount of stuffed animals your kids may have?

We have two toy boxes stuffed full of their "favorites" as well as several on their beds. They drive me absolutely crazy and I would get rid of them all if I didn't think they'd completely disown me if I did...

Moms of Multiples Recommendations:

Holiday Toy Donation

For the holidays, or your child's birthday, use it as an opportunity for you little one to pay it forward & learn about sharing with others who may be less fortunate. Multiple moms recommended for the holidays, asking your kids to fill a bag of toys for Santa to take to other kids when he drops off their presents. This could easily be adapted to their birthday as well. Ask, "What toys would a younger boy or girl love to play with since you're too big for them now?"

Stuffed Animal Beanbag Storage

Seriously, this is genius. Combine all of their little stuffed animals into one big bean bag for storage. And there are so many adorable options. Whether you're looking for a cute neutral beanbag, or one that doubles as a big stuffed animal, there are so many options that are cute and comfy to boot.

The "Will They Actually Miss It?" Technique

One mom said, "I regularly thin out my children’s toys by putting them away in the basement in a storage tub, and am amazed how most of the time they don’t even miss them. Then after a few months, I sell them or give it away. If they ask about them, you can pull them out but if they don’t, bye-bye stuffed animal!" Brilliant!

A True Stuffed Animal Zoo

One mom loves this vertical storage for her twins' ever expanding stuffed animal collection. Cute & functional to boot! Check out tons of options on Etsy.

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