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Is There Such a Thing As a Child-Proof Christmas Tree?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Question: How can I still enjoy a Christmas tree with three kids under three destroying everything in their path?

I have 11 month-old twins who crawl everywhere and a 2 year old. Anyone have any ideas on how to do a Christmas tree that won’t get destroyed/eaten/knocked over by my bunch?

Moms of Multiples Recommendations:

Get a Gate

Seriously ... you may have used gates around your house to keep your little ones in a certain area, and they work just as well to keep little ones out of a certain area as well. Put up your tree as usual and get a circle gate to keep kids at bay. One mom recommends a gate like this one.

Go Small

Instead of opting for a large, over the top tree, while your kids are small, stick with a small tree & set it up on a table where little hands can't reach it. This one comes with mini ornaments, lights and adorable little gifts to give you a nice look.

Go Minimal

You might laugh, but hear me out ... The less you put up, the less there is for your kids to try to grab at. Use Command Hooks or tape build a tree on the wall with garland or faux tree branches.

Make Your Tree Kid Friendly

Instead of a traditional tree, get a felt tree with felt ornaments that's kid friendly & encourages your kids to play and experience the magic of tree decorating themselves.

Opt Out of Ornaments

Instead of decking your tree with ornaments from top to bottom, leave your ornaments in storage. Yep, just a tree with garland and maybe some lights. It'll still look festive and there won't be too much for your kiddos to mess with.

If You're Feeling Brave, Just Go For It

Honestly, after a couple of weeks of trying to grab every ornament within reach, your little ones will likely get used to it and basically ignore the tree. So, if you're up for a tough couple weeks, just deck the halls as normal and be prepared to play defense against grabby hands.

And It's Totally OK Go Tree-less

If you're looking for someone to tell you it's ok to go treeless, I got your back. It is 100% okay to ditch the tree for a year or two until your kids are old enough to hand it! You do you, mama.

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