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Gifts for 6-12 Month Olds (All Recommended by Moms of Multiples!)

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

You're already stressed with everything that comes with having a tiny baby at home. Do you really need the added stress of trying to figure out what to get them for Christmas? No thank you. Well, I've got good news ... goMOMS has done the hard work for you. Our Moms of Multiples have shared all their favorite toys and gifts that their kids loved when they were 6-12 months old. That's right, their kids tried 'em and loved 'em, and now they're sharing their wisdom with you. Thanks, goMOMS!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase.

Help Your Kids Start Moving

Roll & Go Toys | These moving toys are awesome for early walkers, and can help encourage your little one to take that first step. Our moms love both this Monkey & this Bee.

Infant Swing | Starting around 9 months, your little one can experience the joys of swinging! And this great gift will grow with them... they’ll be able to enjoy it up to weighing 50 pounds.

Baby Walker | This walker is great for sitting and playing, or getting up and moving! With tons of activities, your little one won’t tire of exploring all this toy has to offer.

A Jumperoo | These are awesome for keeping your child entertained and in one place. The seat swivels all the way around, so if they get tired of one toy, they just have to turn their little body to find the next fun thing.

A Walker Car | In addition to looking SO cute, a car walker like this is a great way to give baby some freedom of movement. One twin mom said her twins used them for months, and would chase each other around her kitchen island in them. They come in many different styles including a Jeep, a race car, and a Batmobile!


Gifts to Encourage Child Development

Explore 'N Grow Busy Gears | Gear up for play time with moveable gears, music & lights. Little ones can practice their fine motor skills as they grasp and clutch the gears. Moving and stacking them helps them explore spatial relationships and cause and effect.

Soft Books | These soft books are a great way to introduce books at a young age. The pages are nice and big for little hands to grab, plus they’re soft and snugly too.

Busy Ball Popper | Get ready to pop, drop & roll with this fun toy. Your little one will love watching the balls colorful balls as they pop up in the air, roll down the ramps, then through the clear tubes and back up again . Plus, big, easy push button activation means that little hands can practice their motor skills and try to get the fun rollin' all by themselves. And would you get a load of this adorable elephant version of the Busy Ball Popper?

Pacifier Feeder | These pacifier feeders are awesome for when you’re little one starts experimenting with solid food. They can get the flavor without the fear of getting big chunks of food. Also great for teething babes.

A Toy Piggy Bank | A toy piggy bank is an awesome way to start teaching your little ones to count! This sweet piggy friend introduces numbers, counting, colors, and opposites as they play.

Stacking Cups | These cups are a classic that your little one will play with for a long time. The colorful cups are great for stacking, or hiding things under, and with large numbers on the bottoms they’re great to start number recognition. One mom said her twins like playing with them in the tub too.

No-Spill Bubbles | Get all the fun of bubbles with none of the mess! Grab some extra bubble solution (Fubbles' is non-toxic!) for when you inevitably run out.

Baby Einstein Take-A-Long Music Toy | This little music box let’s your baby control the tunes. With a nice big, easy-press button, it puts the control in your little one’s tiny hands.

InnyBin | This is not your average shape sorter. It's so much fun for them to figure out how to get the shapes into and out of the bin. One mom raves, "More problem solving opportunities than with a traditional shape sorter."

Pop Up Toy | This great toy encourages your baby to explore and discover while practicing fine motor skills.

Dimpl Toy | One twin mom says, "We were gifted one and had to buy another one because they were already fighting over this, haha!"

Activity Cube | This activity cube offers so many fun activities and sounds for your little one to explore. From animal sounds to letters and fine motor skills, this great gift offers a little bit of everything.

Shape Sorter | A shape sorter and stacking toy are awesome for fine motor skills, and teaching colors and shapes.

Stacking Toy | This is another one that is great for your little one to practice their fine motor skills & learn colors.

Toy Remote Control | They'll see you using it, and inevitably, they'll want to use it. This is a great way to distract them from the real thing, whether they're in front of the TV or not. One mom said it has become her kids favorite car toy. This one teaches counting and shapes!

A Water Play Mat | A water play mat is great for babies at this age! Whether they’re practicing tummy time, or sitting in their high chair, this awesome may

Blocks | Blocks are an awesome way to encourage creativity, build hand-eye coordination, learn shapes & much more. Our moms love these basic blocks from Melissa & Doug, and these chew-able blocks from B. Toys!


Encourage Restful Sleep

Slumber Buddy | This little guy will help create a tranquil environment for your little one at bedtime. A calming starry sky display and a peaceful selection of sounds help relax and soothe baby to sleep. Grab either an elephant, or a hippo!

Crib Aquarium | This crib-side toy is awesome. You can set it to play some gentle lullabies or calming ocean sounds, and it gradually gets dimmer and quieter as it lulls baby to sleep. As baby gets bigger, it can actually help them soothe themself to sleep. (A big button makes it easy for baby to turn on and off by themselves.)


Other Great Gifts for Baby

A Stuffed Animal Pacifier | If your little one likes a pacifier, they’ll love these... They do double duty as a pacifier and stuffed animal, making them easy for little hands to grab. They come in a ton of different varieties including a puppy, a unicorn, a lion, and so many more.

Child Safety Locks | Ok, arguably, this is more of a gift for mom than baby, but still, a must-mention. These are awesome because they're no-drill AND no-show. Just don't lose the magnet key!

A Hip Carrier | Sure, baby is little now, but after carrying them for hours, they feel HEAVY! Give your arms a break with this BRILLIANT invention, the hip carrier. One Mom of Multiples says, "I use it literally every single day. Don't go anywhere without it."

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