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Gifts for 12-24 Month Olds (All Recommended by Moms of Multiples!)

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

'Tis the season to start stressing our over what to get your kids for the holidays. Well, I've got good news ... goMOMS has done the hard work for you. Our Moms of Multiples have shared all their favorite toys and gifts that their kids loved when they were 12-24 months old. That's right, their kids tried 'em and loved 'em, and now they're sharing their wisdom with you. Thanks, goMOMS!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, we may earn a commission if you click and make a purchase.

For Kids on the Move

Ride On Wiggle Car | Simply twist, wiggle, and go! All you need is a smooth, flat surface. Prefect for both outdoor AND indoor playing. Great way to keep kids active and moving!

A Sandbox with Cover | Little ones will have so much fun digging and exploring in a sandbox. Make sure to pick one with a cover so your sand stays dry when it rains. And don't forget to grab a few sand toys!

A Water Table | This one was recommended by multiple moms! It's an awesome activity for the kids to splash around and play outside during the warmer months.

Sprinkler Splash Pad | This is a blast for when it's hot outside. Turn the water pressure down low for just a little sprinkle the kids will love splashing around in. Plus, they tend to sell our quickly during the summer months, so gifting it for Christmas is a perfect way to make sure you get your hands on one.

A Gift Card to Buy Shoes | A gift card is always the perfect size, and once your little ones start walking, they're going to need some shoes. Ask for a gift card to DSW or Famous Footwear so you can pick some out when the time comes.

A Wagon | Maybe your kids don't like the stroller, or maybe you're just looking for another way to tote them (and all the stuff that comes with them) around. A wagon could be just the ticket. (Bonus if it collapses to easily fit in your car trunk.)

A Wonderfold Wagon | When you have more than two kiddos and all the stuff that goes with them, any old wagon won't do. The Wonderfold Wagon seats up to 4 kids, and is a must-have for many Mothers of Multiples.

Cozy Coupe | Now here's a classic that never goes out of style. It's easy for kids to steer and maneuver, and the many styles come with a removable floorboard that makes it easy to transition from parent-push mode to scoot mode.

An Indoor/Outdoor Playpen | Once baby is on the move, not much is stopping them ... except maybe this playpen. Get one that's easy to move so you can take it outside with you!

A Collapsible Ball Pit and Balls | Now, when I say hours of fun, I'm not exaggerating. Toddlers will get a kick out of this from the first time you put them in it, and keep asking for more. (Get a pit that collapses for easy storage.)

Roll & Go Toys | These moving toys are awesome for early walkers, and can help encourage your little one to take that first step. Our moms love both this Monkey & this Bee.

A Hip Carrier | Sure, baby is little now, but after carrying them for hours, they feel HEAVY! Give your arms a break with this BRILLIANT invention, the hip carrier. One Mom of Multiples says, "I use it literally every single day. Don't go anywhere without it."


Gifts to Encourage Child Development

Explore 'N Grow Busy Gears | Gear up for play time with moveable gears, music & lights. Little ones can practice their fine motor skills as they grasp and clutch the gears. Moving and stacking them helps them explore spatial relationships and cause and effect.

Busy Ball Popper | Get ready to pop, drop & roll with this fun toy. Your little one will love watching the balls colorful balls as they pop up in the air, roll down the ramps, then through the clear tubes and back up again . Plus, big, easy push button activation means that little hands can practice their motor skills and try to get the fun rollin' all by themselves. And would you get a load of this adorable elephant version of the Busy Ball Popper?

Pull Back Cars | These soft cars are a great way to encourage development of multiple skills including sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and, communication. They make it easy for toddlers to get big acceleration with little input.

A Toy Piggy Bank | A toy piggy bank is an awesome way to start teaching your little ones to count! This sweet piggy friend introduces numbers, counting, colors, and opposites as they play.

Watering Can | Start encouraging your little one's green thumb early. These are so fun in the garden, the sandbox, AND the bath!

A Zoo Membership | At this age, your little ones will LOVE exploring all the zoo has to offer.

Books with Flaps | Lift-a-flap books are a perfect way to get your baby interested in and engaging with books. And board books are tougher than traditional books, so they'll hold up well to baby playing rough with them. There are so many options out there, some of our favorites are Zoo and Where's Spot?, or grab a bundle for more fun reading time!

No-Spill Bubbles | Get all the fun of bubbles with none of the mess! Grab some extra bubble solution (Fubbles' is non-toxic!) for when you inevitably run out.

Corkscrew Stacking Toy | Do not underestimate this toy! It looks simple but one mom's 13-month-old twins love it and play with it every day.

InnyBin | This is not your average shape sorter. It's so much fun for them to figure out how to get the shapes into and out of the bin. One mom raves, "More problem solving opportunities than with a traditional shape sorter."

Dimpl Toy | One twin mom says, "We were gifted one and had to buy another one because they were already fighting over this, haha!"

Usborne Books | Books are an awesome gift at any age. On mom raves about the textured and interactive "That's Not My..." and "Are You There Little..." series' from Usborne.

A Super Soft Stuffed Animal | If your little one isn't attached to a favorite stuffed animal yet, they soon will be. Moms love the super soft ones from Jellycat. They come in so many different styles, and there are books to go with every one so your little one can enjoy a story about his or her favorite lovey. Which animal will your little one love?

Toy Remote Control | They'll see you using it, and inevitably, they'll want to use it. This is a great way to distract them from the real thing, whether they're in front of the TV or not. One mom said it has become her kids favorite car toy. This one teaches counting and shapes!


Gifts to Encourage Creativity

Paint with Water Book | Teach your youngsters to paint without the mess. Just add water to these pages to watch the scene come alive.

Do a Dot Art! | When your kids are ready to graduate from water painting, this is an awesome option. The paint is all contained in the marker, so it's less messy than traditional paint. (Our moms recommend taking them outside for less cleanup later.)

A Lightweight Easel | A light easel that you can easily move outside was at the top of one moms list. (See above about using the Do a Dot Markers outside. 😉)

An Outdoor Table | An outdoor picnic table is a great spot to play or paint and color while soaking up some fresh air. This one even comes with an umbrella to keep the sun off your baby's face.

A Music Set | A love of music starts at a young age, and a multi-piece music set can encourage that side of their creativity! (One mom's little ones especially love the maracas and tambourine!)

Blocks | Blocks are an awesome way to encourage creativity, build hand-eye coordination, learn shapes & much more. Our moms love these basic blocks from Melissa & Doug, and these chew-able blocks from B. Toys!

Encourage Restful Sleep

A Light Up Stuffed Animal | This little guy will help create a tranquil environment for your little one at bedtime. I love it for my little ones because my kiddos can control their own night light. There are a few different styles, check out these, where the actual animal glows, or Pillow Pets star projectors.

Crib Aquarium | This crib-side toy is awesome. It actually helps baby sooth them self to sleep. (A big button makes it easy for baby to turn on and off by themselves.) Plus, it buys me some extra time in the morning because they can turn it on and watch the show while I'm finishing getting ready for the day.

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