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Concerned About Developmental Delays? Check Out Oakland's Early On Program

It's not just Moms of Multiples who worry about their children's development ... it's all moms! From the second they're born you want them to thrive, and may be constantly wondering if they're meeting their developmental milestones. What if I told you there's a local program specifically designed to help identify potential delays, and in certain circumstances even provide services to help, like physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy.

Well, if you're like me, you'd say, "What?! Please, tell me more!" So, for goMOMS January 2021 meeting, we asked Christina Meli from Oakland Family Services to join us to do just that. She gave our members an overview of the Early On Program in Michigan's Oakland County, and answered questions from our members.

You can check out a recording of our meeting below, or visit Oakland Family Services' website to learn more about the Early On Program.

More About Early On:

Early On is Michigan's system for helping infants and toddlers, birth to age 3 and their families who have developmental delays or are at risk for delays due to certain health conditions. It's designed to help families find the social, health, and educational services that will promote the development of their infants and toddlers with special needs.

Early On emphasizes early identification and early referral to enhance the development of infants and toddlers with disabilities, to minimize their potential for delay, and to recognize the significant brain development that occurs during a child's first three years of life.

More About goMOMS:

Greater Oakland Mothers of Multiples (goMOMS) is a group that brings together mothers of twins, triplets and quadruplets or more from Michigan’s Oakland County, and the surrounding communities, to support each other in the unique situations encountered with the pregnancy and raising of multiples.

Typically goMOMS meetings are closed to the public, but given the subject of this one, we wanted to share it where more moms could benefit. Join goMOMS to get access to future meetings.

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